The ARC System

The CMS Silicon Strip Tracker will instrument the central region of the CMS experiment. There will be four subdetectors: Tracker Inner Barrel (TIB), Tracker Inner Disks (TID), Tracker Outer Barrel (TOB) and the Tracker End Caps (TEC). 15148 detector modules equip the SST making it the largest all silicon tracker in the world. It has a sensitive silicon area of 200 m2.
An individual module consist of three elements: silicon sensor(s), a mechanical support structure and a the front end electronics (FE hybrid).

The ARC Readout Controller (ARC) was introduced for testing and QA of FE hybrids and detector modules. The ARC System provides a very compact and flexible structure and is a low cost test setup necessary in all centers participating in the module production of the CMS Tracker. It provides complete control of the APV hybrid including all ASICs. An individually designed LabVIEW application called APV Readout Controller Software (ARCS) serves as a user friendly interface which allows for easy implemetation of automatic test procedures. All silicon detector modules were qualified with the ARC System.

An overview of the ARC System is published in CMS note 01/046 - A Test Setup for Quality Assurance of Front End Hybrids.

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