Open Positions


Please note: Currently we also have open positions for tutors of the lecture "Datenverarbeitung in der Physik SS2014": more information

Wir bieten im Moment auch Stellen für Übungsleiter der Vorlesung "Datenverarbeitung der Physik SS2014": mehr Information


Our group will continue to grow at a steady pace and will thus have occasional openings. We are looking for highly motivated new members committed to performing cutting edge research on one of the major scientific and technological challenges of the 21st century.

Our group is internationally well connected (including top US-universities) and aims to offer an intellectually stimulating environment. Research work will provide thorough training in a range of hard and soft skills that are highly relevant for both academic and industrial careers.

Given the multidisciplinary challenges posed by quantum computing, electrical engineers, computer scientists and (applied) mathematicians with a strong interest in the field are also encouraged to apply. A co-advisor in the respective field is recommended and may be required. There is also the possibility for  theoretical work in cooperation with local theory groups, for example at the newly founded Institute for Quantum Information.

Interested? Contact Prof. Hendrik Bluhm!

Note for PhD and postdoc applicants: Due to the fairly large number of (international) applicants, we request that your application include the following:

  • A current CV.
  • A statement explaining how your research interests and skills relate to the work of our group.
  • Transcripts for PhD applications (unofficial acceptable).


Please do also have a look at our new web page for open positions and more information about our projects.

Master's and PhD Projects

These more elaborate projects will be determined based on the interests and background of each individual candidate.

Specific topics

Elektronspin-Quantenbits in Silizium (assigned)

Email Contact: Dr. Lars Schreiber


Development of a feedback system to control sub-nanometer resolution
positioning in a scanning SQUID system (assigned)

Email Contact: Jan-Michael Mol

Bachelor Thesis Projects

Experimental projects


Data Acquisition Board for
Fast High-Frequency Qubit Read-Out (assigned)

Email Contact: Tim Botzem


Sample Board for
Spin Quantum Computation (assigned)

Email Contact: Dr. Lars Schreiber


Elektrische Charakterisierung von
GaAs/AlGaAs-2DEG-Strukturen (assigned)

Email Contact: Tim Botzem


Implementation and Characterisation
of a Digital-to-Analog-Converter

Email contact: Jan Bußmann

Modelling and Theory


Gate Layout Optimization
for Silicon Quantum Bits (assigned)

Email Contact: Tim Leonhardt


Coherent Spin Transfer Using Surface
Acoustic Waves: Spin-Orbit & Excitation Effects (assigned)

Email Contact: Robert McNeil, PhD


Simulation and Optimization of Scanning
SQUIDs with Dispersive Readout (assigned)

Email Contact: Farshad Foroughi


Electrostatic Coupling and Crosstalk
Between Multiple Qubits (assigned)

Email Contact: Robert McNeil, PhD


Identification of Error‐Protected
Gates for Quantum Computation

Email Contact: Pascal Cerfontaine


Effekt von Unordnung
auf Quantenpunkte (assigned)

Email Contact: Dr. Lars Schreiber